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Sponsorship opportunities are available for holding conferences in China or Madison, hosting new student orientation sessions in China, hosting speaker events in Madison, the student-based monthly "FamBam" program (see below) and more.

Creating Lifetime Badgers

The Transition to Madison: A long-term goal of the WCI is to cultivate a strong bond between the University and her students.  Our view is that this process needs to start as early as possible. We will be running an experimental orientation program this spring in Shanghai and Beijing for students who will be entering UW freshmen in August 2017.  The purpose will be to encourage students to take control of their own education, rather than view college as a set of courses that need to be passed in order to get a degree.  We hope to make this an annual event, with strong content that is of value to participating students and their parents. 

Undergraduates: Many foreign students complain about how difficult it is to integrate into American culture, Madison and the UW student world. WCI believes that integration (not the same as assimilation) is a critical factor in foreign students maximizing their UW experience, along with their professional and personal development.  During the 2016-17 academic yearr, we received funding to assist in improving the campus climate for undergraduates through a new student-designed “FamBam program” which included monthly large-group meetings of Asian-American, Asia-focused and international student groups. 

We also regularly bring speakers to campus to address topics related to China, including the Red Cap Lecture on China and Global Economics. In April, the WCI sponsored the screening of a documentary, “Who is American?” on the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, the only American law that specifically names a racial group and excludes them from immigration and citizenship.  This law remained in effect until 1943.  Co-directors Ric Burns and Li-Shin Yu (known for the PBS series “The American Experience” and other respected documentaries) will be coming to Madison to preview the film, which will air on PBS in 2018. 

Post-graduates: In the near future, we hope to expedite connecting undergraduates with our growing alumni network in China.  This should help in finding summer internships, study abroad opportunities, and employment after graduation.  We also work with our alumni chapter and hope to better connect graduating UW seniors with chapter activities, and also to showcase our successful alumni in the China region.

We welcome ideas and financial support for any and all of these initiatives.

Contact Wisconsin China Initiative Director and Professor Jerry Yin for more information.



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